Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Ode to Mother's Day in May

It's about that time again to share a little tidbit of me to you....
My mother Sandra came to visit in April and like we always do we had an amazing time together. I wish I took more pictures but I guess I was in awe of just breathing in the presence of her. Anxiously awaiting her one day visit with her husband AL in a week!

Just a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

Lunch on a secluded beach in Malibu attracts the locals.

Our vast ocean covers over 70% of the earth; I am blessed to have this pure source of heaven only a thirty minute drive away. The ocean helps me remember WHO I am!

Always gotta play in the sun a little, that little girl
in me never goes away, ham'n it up!

Sandra enjoying the tranquil ocean.

I think she saw a Dolphin!

Yep just look at that Beautiful Smile!

.....and she thinks she doesn't look good in pictures.

Showing off our fabulous pedicure treatment that we enjoy at a new spot near my hood in NoHo, oh and it was referred to me by my boyfriend Daniel. Thank Goddess for Metro Men! :)

Lastly we spent the morning at the Farmer's Market off of Laurel Canyon. The sun was so hot we could only take it for a little bit we were thinking of going to a Breath Workshop taught by one of my favorite yoga teachers , John Sahakian (Black Dog Yoga, in Sherman Oaks), but...

...we were lured by the AC at brunch at Moe's and I forgot to take pictures after the Champagne kicked in, trust me we had an amazing time!