Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Ode to Mother's Day in May

It's about that time again to share a little tidbit of me to you....
My mother Sandra came to visit in April and like we always do we had an amazing time together. I wish I took more pictures but I guess I was in awe of just breathing in the presence of her. Anxiously awaiting her one day visit with her husband AL in a week!

Just a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

Lunch on a secluded beach in Malibu attracts the locals.

Our vast ocean covers over 70% of the earth; I am blessed to have this pure source of heaven only a thirty minute drive away. The ocean helps me remember WHO I am!

Always gotta play in the sun a little, that little girl
in me never goes away, ham'n it up!

Sandra enjoying the tranquil ocean.

I think she saw a Dolphin!

Yep just look at that Beautiful Smile!

.....and she thinks she doesn't look good in pictures.

Showing off our fabulous pedicure treatment that we enjoy at a new spot near my hood in NoHo, oh and it was referred to me by my boyfriend Daniel. Thank Goddess for Metro Men! :)

Lastly we spent the morning at the Farmer's Market off of Laurel Canyon. The sun was so hot we could only take it for a little bit we were thinking of going to a Breath Workshop taught by one of my favorite yoga teachers , John Sahakian (Black Dog Yoga, in Sherman Oaks), but...

...we were lured by the AC at brunch at Moe's and I forgot to take pictures after the Champagne kicked in, trust me we had an amazing time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Starting a Blog

Finally I have gone outside the box and started my very first blog.

It's a bit late for me, it's 1am and I can not sleep. I am all over the map and excited about my future. This picture is actually of me in Oxnard on the beach right before it rained like crazy. My boyfriend Daniel took it and I said keep me off to one side, I believe he took direction well and we ended up with a great shot. It's shot with my Holga; I love that crazy camera and take it everywhere in my camera bag with me.

I attended a very excellent seminar about productivity, organization and literally getting things done in Ojai, CA today. Check out the website, I am full of excitement of what is to come and that is taking up some energy and I am ready to start getting more things going with my photography and having other forms of income coming in; Passive Income. So as I stated in the heading I am stepping outside my box of comfort and am willing to place myself on the line and start being held accountable for what I truly do want and believe in. Thanks for reading, it's time to go to sleep.