Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adam & Kristie | Ventura, California Weding & Portrait Photographer | Donya J Photography

I am so blessed to have shot this wonderful couple's wedding!  It was located at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church in Ventura. 

Both Adam and Kristie wrote Testimonials for me!  

Donya J did a stand up job shooting our wedding, I could not have pictured a better photographer.  If she was not taking photos, I would have wanted her there as a guest.  I kept saying, come over have a drink and dance.  She was so fun to work with, made me feel like a celebrity.  When we got the photos back, WOW.  I have never looked so good.  Someone give her a medal.  Her photos gave me the excuse to say, now I AM just here for my looks.

“Mahatma Gandhi said, “I believe in equality for everyone.”  Donya J. is far from equal, she is exceptional.  Donya did not just take photos of our wedding; Donya created memories.  Donya released the shutter, just as God was ready, for her to take our photos.  I recommend Donya without reservation for any picture perfect occasion."
~ Adam 

Now just sit back an enjoy the photo show of the Maingot's!


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