Friday, April 25, 2014

And the story begins....A Baby Shower | Event Photography | Donya J Photography

Hey again everyone!

I recently had an awesome experience photographing Greyson’s Baby shower, held at his parent’s house in Torrance.  It was a decent sized event with 40+ attendants.

All of the guests showed up with lots of spirit and enthusiasm.  The baked goods and desert bar was a hit. By the talented and amazing, Sweets by Stella mami, (310) 310-1236.  

There were even diapers to write notes on, so when the mom changed diapers, she would have words of wisdom to take her mind off of what she was doing.

They had a photo booth where everyone was able to play with baby toys and paraphernalia, and have way too much fun being kids themselves.

I was glad to have been there for all the excitement and happy to share some of that excitement with you here. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures! For more information click here.