Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fun Photo Facts for Photography |Ventura, California Weding & Portrait Photographer | Donya J Photography

  • 1 GB of memory last most people a month but barely lasts you the afternoon.
  • You know what aperture-priority means.
  • You delete more photos in a week than most people make all year.
  • You need just one more lens.
  • You've crawled on the ground to get a shot of something rusty.
  • Your camera equipment is worth more than your car.
  • No one brings a camera to an event if they know you're coming, so we just don't tell family and friends that we are coming to events anymore.
  • Your family doesn't recognize you without a camera covering your face, especially your 2 and 3 year old.
  • You have thousands of pictures and you're not in any of them.
  • You've been up before dawn or out in the freezing cold or even done something semi-dangerous.....all for a photography.
  • When you go to the movies you spend more time trying to figure out their lighting than trying to figure out the plot.(This even applies to watching a TV show!)
  • When you lose track of a dramatic conversation between two characters in a movie or show because you're too busy paying attention to that nice bokeh behind them.
  • When you lose track of the entire movie by thinking about which lenses were used in each shot.
  • Your addicted to Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest!